Laëtitia KANDOLO



UCHAWI is a multicultural concept founded by Laëtitia Kandolo in 2014 in Congo DRC.

In reference to the etymology of the word uchawi (meaning magic in Swahili. The Uchaspirit conveys a whole set of ideas that reflects the optimism, the joy, the hope, the courage, the strength of a youth that wishes to express itself and claim its multiple identities while remaining gracious. 

Uchawi is A Made in Africa brand that can embody several women at a time everyday. From the active woman to the corporate look through the woman-child or casual one. In 2016, the first Menswear items get into the clothing line !

UCHAWI at work, UCHAWI at sport, UCHAWI at the cocktail party, it's more than a brand, it's a state of mind. A state of mind in which magic exists, magic operates and the impossible dies. 

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